A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Pistolchet is an innovative top down shooter where you throw your gun, bounce it off walls, and fire it midair. This mechanic creates a pseudo-puzzle element where you have to redirect the pistol's movement by using the walls and gunshots to massacre enemies. It also features stark and dark aesthetics inspired by Sin City, Hotline Miami, and terrible b-movies. Currently it has plans for an initial PC, Mac, and Linux release with hopes of eventual console launches.

The music and most art assets are temporary. until I can get someone more capable to redo them.

Please support us on Kickstarter and vote for us on Greenlight!

Install instructions

Unzip and run the executable. Currently the Mac and Linux versions are untested and I am unsure if they work. If they don't, please let me know. Thanks!


pistolchet-demo-linux.zip 33 MB
pistolchet-demo-win.zip 30 MB
pistolchet-demo-mac.app.zip 33 MB


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Hey I saw you post this on Reddit!

how i should play this game i can play deathmach with bots? or it a mission to escape for the bad guys and am only one to escape it and ending of game

I am playing on mac and when I try to play a level it just plays music and has a gun in the corner of the screen, the rest is black,

Sorry for the delay. I didn't get a notification. I heard the same feedback from some other users and have been looking into the error Thank you for letting me know! :)

It’s a good concept that’s perfect for doing a remake or a clone, when you get the budget. I gave it a quick 3/5 star review on Kratzen.